12 april, 2019

First electric road in a city




The ELVÄG SYD consortium has been given a go-ahead to build a unique demonstration plant for electric roads in Lund based on Elonroads concept. The purpose is to contribute to increasing knowledge about electricity routes as part of the future fossil-free transport system. The assignment comes from the Swedish Transport Administration.

It´s the first electric road with ground level feeding system tested for buses in a city. The project is a test and demonstration project. Duration 2019-2022.

The consortium includes nine actors from the business sector, universities and the public sector: Innovation Skåne AB (project manager) Elonroad AB Kraftringen Energi AB Lund municipality / Future by lund Lund University of Technology, LTH, Ramboll AB Skånetrafiken AB Solaris Sverige AB National Road and Transport Research Institute, VTI.

The Swedish Transport Administration finances SEK 83 million of the project’s total budget of SEK 96 million. Other funding comes from players that have joined forces in the Elväg Syd consortium.


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