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Since the first electrical vehicles entered the market space more than a decade ago, the question on everyone’s minds has been – ”How far can you drive”? Batteries are expensive and take a lot of space. And since the batteries carry a heavy price tag, the necessary investment in new technology is only accessible to a select few. As we all know, the planet is desperate for a solution to cutting CO2 emissions from transportation. But if we can’t find a commercially viable solution, the shift won’t happen.

Like most inventions, it started with a random observation. Our founder Dan Zethraeus was out driving in the snow.

“The slush was piling up between the wheels on the road. It got me thinking. Perhaps you could build a rail there to conduct electricity under my car? The idea struck me: ‘Could this be the way to charge an electric car and reduce my range anxiety!’ Having just a brief background in electrical engineering, I built my first prototype using my kids Lego when I got home!”

Now we are on our way to revolutionize transportation forever with our electric road system for any electric vehicle. Whether you are being parked, drive a long haul truck or the family car, our solution will change the way your electric vehicle is charged. Forget cables. No more waiting for 30 minutes while charging on the way. Get rid of your range anxiety forever! Help the planet at the same time! Switch to range happiness!


Our vision is to be the enabler for sustainable transportation.

Transports are one of the biggest challenges to tackle in the climate crisis. We are in the midst of a massive paradigm shift, with increasing growth in online retail where transports and logistics are a necessity. Instead of bringing transportation to a grinding halt, we decided to try and redefine the conditions for electrified transportation and come up with a more sustainable alternative.

So, when you want to ship your spare parts to your customers, lower the carbon footprint in your docks, order a new bicycle online or visit your grandma, we want you to do it all with a good conscience and a new set of tools.

Our charging solution requires no cables. You charge while driving. Or when you’re parked. Doing the right thing shouldn’t make things more complex or inconvenient. We believe in making it easier. So – unplug yourself and connect to making the world a better place!



Forging strategic partnerships is critical for us to accelerate the transition to electrification, developing concepts and implementing projects in sustainable e-mobility.


To successfully manage all the technological challenges we face, we team up with companies that provide innovative solutions to materials, manufacturing, implementation, power and charging systems.


We really believe in the positive impact our innovation can bring to the planet. Elonroad is endorsing the Paris Agreement and our goal is to eliminate CO2 emissions from transports with our Electric Road System. The easy to install conductive rail means (among a lot of things) smaller batteries, making the shift to sustainable transports faster and cheaper, where we can achieve more with less resources. Cheaper batteries means availability of electric vehicles to more people and organisations, positively impacting the climate at large.

Our innovation also targets and solves several global challenges facing the planet today and tomorrow. Health issues related to emissions, sustainable logistics, scarcity of rare metals to building batteries and innovation in the transport sector can all be adressed with our solution, bettering the life for many all over the world, one conductive rail at a time.

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Elonroad TECH English

Our vision is to electrify the entire transport
sector and make fossil fuel a thing of the past.

Elonroad Vision

Our vision is to electrify the entire transport
sector and make fossil fuel a thing of the past.

Elonroad presentation how it works, Swedish

Presentation av bolaget. VD Karin Ebbinghaus och grundare Dan Zethraeus berättar om varför elvägar är ett bra alternativ till att få en fossilfri fordonsflotta.

Elonroad presentation
how it works, English

Elonroad is a hightech electric road concept. It auto charges all types of electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving.


DHL Automatic Terminal charger from Elonroad


Range Happiness

Electric roads make your range-meter go backwards!

2020 ER

Automatic charger for EVs. Elonroad demonstrating a van from MAN eTGE.
DHL terminal in south Sweden is now testing the system since 7 jan 2020.

ER 1

Electric road charge while driving. Works for all types of EVS.
20-300kW charge effect possible. An onboard charger is needed.

ER 2

The development and main features of the Elonroad concept. It can charge all types of vehicles both while driving and parked. Easy to build and maintain.

ER 3

Early tests of power from electric rail. After this test we have transmitted 150kW from rail to vehicle while driving.

ER 4

Early tests of activating 1m segment in 100km/h

ER 5

Electric roads, interview with Dan Zethraeus and Mats Alakula

ER 6

Elonroad ElectriVillage in Mariestad

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