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is electric.

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Elonroad TECH English

The electric road system explained

Elonroad Vision

Our vision is to electrify the entire transport
sector and make fossil fuel a thing of the past.

Elonroad presentation
how it works, Swedish

Presentation av bolaget. VD Karin Ebbinghaus och grundare Dan Zethraeus berättar om varför elvägar är ett bra alternativ till att få en fossilfri fordonsflotta.

Elonroad presentation
how it works, English

Elonroad is a hightech electric road concept. It auto charges all types of electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving.


DHL Automatic Terminal charger from Elonroad


Range Happiness

Electric roads make your range-meter go backwards!

2020 ER

Automatic charger for EVs. Elonroad demonstrating a van from MAN eTGE.
DHL terminal in south Sweden is now testing the system since 7 jan 2020.

ER 1

Electric road charge while driving. Works for all types of EVS.
20-300kW charge effect possible. An onboard charger is needed.

ER 2

The development and main features of the Elonroad concept. It can charge all types of vehicles both while driving and parked. Easy to build and maintain.

ER 3

Early tests of power from electric rail. After this test we have transmitted 150kW from rail to vehicle while driving.

ER 4

Early tests of activating 1m segment in 100km/h

ER 5

Electric roads, interview with Dan Zethraeus and Mats Alakula

ER 6

Elonroad ElectriVillage in Mariestad

External videos:
Electric roads
Webinar Evolutionroad in Swedish

Elonroad Story

Elonroad wants to contribute to a green transport sector.
Elonroad believe we have to change the way we move people and cargo. To stop the climate crisis we need vehicles to run on electricity, we need the electricity to be green and we have to be effective.

Electric vehicles are 4 times more effective but batteries are not yet as energy efficient as fuel.

With electric roads as the main charging infrastructure for electric vehicles we can reduce battery size by 60% and still get a longer range. We use the batteries to get to and from the electric roads.


Elonroad introduction 1

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Elonroad introduction 2

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