Elonroad and Sibbhultsverken forms an electric partnership

A rapid expansion of Electric Road Systems (ERS) in Sweden

With the unstoppable transition from fossil-based vehicles to EVs, Elonroad and Sibbhultsverken are looking forward to kickstarting a green transition towards clean road transport at a greater scale.

Sibbhultsverken has a long history in world class quality manufacturing in the heavy vehicle industry, and has been a backbone in the automotive industry in Sweden. Elonroad is a deep cleantech mobility start-up from Lund, developing Electric Road Systems, enabling automatic cable-free static and dynamic charging of EVs.

Roger Nordblad, CEO at Sibbhultsverken:

“With the high level of competence and history of taking on complex and ground-breaking technology we are well equipped here in Sibbhult for the future to come!”

Both parties are proud and thrilled to have signed a Letter of Intent aimed to take important steps towards high-volume manufacturing of Electric Road Systems. This newly formed relationship aims is to accelerate transition towards a sustainable transport sector and specifically the construction of our future greener roads.

Anna Wieslander, COO at Elonroad states:

“For us it’s important to be sustainable all the way! Not only are Elonroad’s technology opening up for a quicker transition towards EVs and range happiness. Additionally, we are striving to keep the production and supply local, and with partners we know can also help and support us in the long run. “

The road transport sector is responsible for a staggering 30% of the global total CO2 emissions. Transitioning from traditional fossil fuelled road transport to Electric Road Systems have many advantages, such as load balancing, lower effect peaks and smaller batteries in the EV’s, which enable the shift from fossil fuels to accelerate. The technology of Elonroad is an important complement to existing charging infrastructure and technologies and has the benefit of generating gain for all EV owners.

About Elonroad

Elonroad is a cleantech company situated in Lund, Sweden. Elonroad offers a holistic dynamic and static charging solution for all electric vehicles. The company was established in 2014 by Dan Zethraeus. Learn more at:

About Sibbhultsverken

Sibbhultsverken AB is a privately owned group containing seven companies. The companies in the group produces high quality components for the heavy vehicle industry. Together we create a strong offer to our customers within our range of products. With a high level of automation and well-developed lean culture, we offer competitive products “Made in Sweden”.

Roger Nordblad CEO Sibbhultverken, Anna Wieslander COO Elonroad, Anna Palmqvist Production manager Elonroad, Anders Göransson Tech manager Sibbhultsverken.